Types of loans

Finding the right loan

Finding the right loan

Although there seems to be a lot of credit information and if you need to borrow, finding the right loan will not be difficult to find in a given situation, it just doesn’t seem that easy and finding the right type of credit is not that easy, so the broad range of loans and understanding which loan group to look for is the most appropriate option, the text below gives you a look at the types of loans that most lender offers are derived from.

Loans to individuals

Loans to individuals

Mortgage loans

This group of loans includes loans that require a mortgage on a property (home or land). These loans are for the purchase, repair, improvement, construction and even sale of real estate, but you can also get a mortgage loan to make a big purchase.

Consumer credit

Short-term mortgage loans, which can also be obtained online. Consumer loans are used to make larger purchases or pay for services, as well as to solve financial difficulties. Consumer loans are often used as an alternative to leasing.


This group of loans includes short-term loans granted by banks, which are added to the client’s bank account within a certain credit limit and are available when the personal funds are used up.

Study loans

Tuition loans for both full-time and part-time students. These are long-term loans, which can sometimes also be covered by state guarantees.

Student loans

It is intended to cover study-related daily expenses. With the help of this loan, the student can go on studying without thinking about income options, as the loan is paid out for 10 months a year (except July and August) this is a long term loan.

Loans to companies

Loans to companies

Investment loans

Loans to companies for starting new business projects or improving existing ones. These are long-term loans that can be secured by pledges, equity, fixed assets or real estate, individual lenders, and collateral from owners.

Working capital loans

This group includes short-term loans to companies for launching new products, increasing production and other urgent activities that would generate immediate profits.


Loans against receivables or the possibility to receive money from the bank, the only collateral – pledge to customers issued invoices but not yet paid. This loan is intended for quick fundraising to help you continue production and ensure a steady cash flow.

While looking at the loan offers available on the lenders’ websites, you can find other loans that are not mentioned above, but are mostly derived from some of the above types of loans, changing their title and nuances, but not the basic idea.

Over the years, the supply of credit has only grown and new loan offers have been placed alongside the classic forms of credit, which often confuse the borrower and make their choice more difficult, so it is advisable for anyone to seek the advice of a financial professional before applying for a loan.